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Flint Launches Letterpress Digital Plates


CHARLOTTE, NC | Flint Group Flexographic Products offers nyloprint WS-S digital plates for letterpress applications, said to represent the latest development of the digital steel-based product range with focus on coating and special applications, such as the use of fluorescent inks in security printing.

This new water-washable plate type is said to provide an improved solid ink density due to brilliant ink transfer of the soft relief layer. Another benefit is the high durability for long print runs. The plate is suitable for rotary letterpress, as well as imprinting units and printing presses for special applications.

Digital nyloprint printing plates can be imaged with resolutions to 10,160 dpi. Reportedly, plates reproduce the finest details without any loss of film-related quality limitations, such as dust, scratches, nicks, etc. As a result of the elimination of film and chemicals for film processing, handling becomes easier, and plate processing becomes more efficient, company adds.

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