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Plantin to Market Scodix S Digital Presses


ROSH HA’AYN, ISRAEL | Scodix reports its S Series digital presses will be marketed and sold in Belgium and Luxembourg by Plantin, Brussels, Belgium. Plantin will also market and sell the Scodix Rainbow Station in those countries. 

“We are pleased to offer our customers new products that fit with our goal of pursuing new packaging and graphic art production ideas that stand out in the market,” says Steve Debloem, sales manager of graphic systems at Plantin. “We welcome Scodix as a promising addition to our packaging and graphic arts partner portfolio.”

The Scodix S Series Digital Presses create the Scodix SENSE, a variety of digital print enhancements said to bring a new look and tangible dimension to graphic communications. The press reportedly ensures perfect quality and precise image-to-image registration [and] delivering variable levels of thickness and texture.

“We believe in the market potential for Scodix SENSE in the high-end print industry in Belgium,” says Amos Libermann, Scodix VP sales Europe. “Scodix chose Plantin as its partner because of its high technological standards and key market position in the industry.”

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