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Gallus Label Day in Italy Is a Success


ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND, | Gallus announces a successful “Label Day” organized by Macchingraf, Gallus’s sales and service partner in Italy. The company reports 150 people representing the 80 major companies belonging to the Italian market segment were present. 

The event featured live demonstrations of a Gallus ECS 340 flexo press with seven printing units, foiling, and die-cutting and of a Heidelberg Linoprint L digital press.

Also on display were Gallus’s screen printing plates (Gallus Screeny).

Macchingraf CEO Alberto Mazzoleni says, “We are really satisfied with the event's results, and the number of attendees confirmed the interest in this business.”

He reports the sale of a Gallus ECS 340 to customer Tipolitogragfia Zardini, near Verona, a company that also purchased a Gallus TCS 250. last November.

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