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Multi-Packaging Solutions Is Launch Customer for HP Indigo 30000 Press

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL | HP announced that New York City-based Multi-Packaging Solutions Inc. (MPS), a leading print and packaging manufacturer for the cosmetics, healthcare, horticulture, media, and consumer markets, is a launch customer for the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press.

Packaging converters worldwide, like MPS, are responding to the growing demand for value-added packaging, frequent redesigns, point-of-sale campaigns, customized product offerings, and quick lead times for short- to medium-sized orders. The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press will empower MPS to seamlessly and profitably adapt to these market trends and other evolving customer needs.

The company will use the new HP Indigo 30000 to expand its digital print offerings for the packaging market and to better address the needs of its folding carton customers, which account for 60% to 70% of its annual business. As a launch customer, MPS and HP Indigo are already working to validate the press’s output in MPS’s converting process and supply chain.

MPS has utilized several HP Indigo products since before 2000, staying brand loyal because of HP’s continuous commitment to innovation and product improvements. For the past two years, MPS has delivered on small scale carton packaging orders using an HP Indigo WS6000.

“Since first seeing the HP Indigo 30000 at drupa 2012, I have truly believed that this press has the functionalities to fulfill a market gap in digital print that has lingered for years,” said John Cote, VP of innovation and manufacturing technology, MPS. “As the needs of our customers have evolved in complexity, size, and scope, we at MPS have searched for a press that is flexible, end-to-end in workflow, and supportive of critical data driven brand security measures without sacrificing quality. The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press is the only solution that we found to effectively meet all of these criteria and provide us with the added values of cost savings and efficiency.”

The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press combines the quick setup and easy integration of a 29-in. (75 cm) sheetfed format with printing capabilities of up to 24 points (600 microns), and seven HP ElectroInk color printing stations that offer HP Indigo’s offset-matching print quality.

The press’s capabilities are enhanced with an embedded ESKO-driven front end and an integrated TRESU iCoat 30000, which contains both aqueous and UV spot coating functionalities. Combined, these solutions will optimize MPS’s supply chain to help increase efficiency, boost revenues, and improve its environmental scorecard while also facilitating the printing of numerous high-value security, variable data, and customer-engaging marketing applications.

The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press integrated with a TRESU inline coater will be installed at MPS’s plant toward the end of this year and will begin fulfilling orders by the beginning of next year.

“Digital printing will help converters and print service providers to fundamentally modernize the packaging market,” said Alon Bar-Shany, VP and general manager, Indigo Div., HP. “The end-to-end flexibility, versatility, and efficiency of the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press will help fulfill the needs and pressures of a growing and diversifying industry. The fact that a company of such global stature as MPS has embraced the HP Indigo 30000 validates our strong belief in this press’s capacity.”


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