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Linx Enhances CIJ Printer, Launches Ink

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK | Linx Printing Technologies has introduced additional hardware and software features into its 8900 Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers to further increase their functionality and versatility. For all 8900 Series models, the availability of User–Defined Date Formats reportedly provides greater coding flexibility by enabling operators to create their own customized date and time formats. Company says this allows companies to be highly flexible in meeting a variety of specific customer needs.

The company also recently launched Black grease-penetrating ink 1063, an ink that said to adhere to substrates covered with an oily or greasy film, making it ideal for a variety of food and light engineering applications.

The new ink, developed specifically for the Linx 8900 Series CIJ coders, is a dye MEK based ink. It contains a black dye that company says delivers excellent contrast and legibility on transparent or pale colored materials, while its special formulation enables printers to code through a light film of oil, grease, or condensation and to preserve code quality if the code is exposed to these later in the process.


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