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Prototype & Production Systems Offers Digital Print Engine

MINNEAPOLIS, MN | Prototype & Production Systems offers the DICEweb digital print engine. Said to be designed for maximum reliability and to feature Fuji SG-1024 printheadsThe SG-1024 is capable of withstanding harsh environments and delivering consistent output over a long service life. Company says robust and repairable design means printheads are not a consumable like other digital print engines.

Other reported benefits include a design that is easy to understand, run, and maintain; a vacuum printhead cleaning system that help keep the printheads clean in harsh work environments and prevents jet outs; recirculating ink supplies to ensure precise control of temperature, pressure, and flow rate, reliable jetting, and freedom from print defects caused by ink supply variations.

According to the company, adding a DICEweb to an analog press creates a state-of-the-art hybrid digital web press with the following benefits:

  • Produce four-color process jobs without plates, setup, registration issues, or cleanup.
  • Combine analog and digital print on the same job.
  • Print at speeds to 360 fpm (110 mpm).
  • Select print widths to 25 in. (635 mm) or more (wider versions available by special order)
  • Print up to six colors—CMYK + two spot or extended gamut colors (orange/green/violet, etc.)
  • Get the same digital capabilities as a full digital press or hybrid press at a fraction of the cost.

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