Mark Andy Enhances Digital Series

ST. LOUIS, MO | Mark Andy recently announced a suite of enhancements to its Digital Series platform. Company says the production-class digital solution has been reimagined to bring greater levels of productivity and profitability to the modern converter. Building off the platform’s successes, the latest true hybrid offering will take on the name Digital Series HD and combines flexibility of in-line converting, high-resolution digital print, and best-in-class production capability. 

Digital Series HD can be configured with five through eight digital colors and can support integrated in-line or future-proof near-line converting options. This added flexibility enables company’s portfolio of digital hybrid solutions to reach a larger percentage of the addressable market in terms of budget as well as unique application or workflow needs. The base roll-to-roll configuration is said to be ideal for those just entering the production digital space. As their digital business expands, the modularity of the platform enables the shift to in-line finishing to better utilize the high-speed platform.

Expanded gamut now offered in a high-chroma ink set (CMYK + OVG) complements an existing white ink formulation, which reportedly delivers output comparable to rotary screen. The company’s product development reports the ink provides three times the opacity of flexo white and more than double that of conventional EP white, measured in excess of 80%, and digital white can be run without trade-off in speed at the platform’s standard of 240 fpm.

The most notable alteration to the Digital Series HD press comes in the form of the digital module. Once a flat table section, the new platform now showcases an arched IDS. The arch design accepts unsupported films and improves operator ergonomics, reportedly enabling quick and clean ink changeover. Mark Andy says the new printhead technology housed in the module also matches the industry’s quality standard of 1,200 dpi.

The Digital Series HD also comes with further configurability in the way of three head cleaning options—manual, automatic, and semi-automatic a variety said to translate to less downtime, improved head health, and reduced costs for converters. Additionally, the platform now offers a more advantaged VDP tool in response to market demand for sophisticated personalization.

The press is supported by the company’s web-transport system, maintaining production class speeds of 240 fpm. In addition to digital and converting flexibility, the press retains its limitless configurability of in-line flexo options. All accessories available on the former Digital Series or Performance Series platform are supported by Digital Series HD, now and into the future.

Tom Schelmbauer, VP of engineering at Mark Andy, says, “The Digital Series platform was already incredibly successful, evidenced by our 2017 FTA Technical Innovation Award. Digital Series HD builds on these successes and delivers the highest quality, most productive hybrid solution on the market. Our users all have flexibility to upgrade their press as business continues to grow. We designed the press with modularity in mind because we understand demands are constantly changing.”

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