Prism Group Holdings Acquired by EFI

FOSTER CITY, CA | EFI, a global innovator of customer-focused digital printing, acquires Prism Group Holdings, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. The company also operates facilities in New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Prism is the worldwide provider of the Prism WIN MIS and Prism QTMS automated shop floor management solution with market focus on general commercial printers, converters, web printers, mailers, and packaging printers.

The addition of Prism’s customer base is expected to allow EFI to continue with an even greater focus on providing preferred solutions for the industry. Senior VP and GM of EFI’s APPS business unit, Marc Olin, explains, “ “We are dedicated to providing a portfolio of industry leading products allowing customers to choose the right solution for their environment with the consistency of delivery needed for long term success. Following in the footsteps of PrintStream, Prism is another example our consolidation strategy.”

Olin adds, “We continue to actively seek out additional Print ERP/MIS solutions worldwide to consolidate. By concentrating our investment and efforts on Monarch, Radius, Pace, and PrintSmith, we can insure that the largest development and support teams in the industry are delivering the best possible solutions to give our clients the best chance to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.”

EFI plans to continue supporting and developing Prism Win (now “EFI Prism”), but will no longer offer it to new customers, offering instead, four ERP/MIS platforms: EFI Monarch, EFI Pace, EFI PrintSmith, and EFI Radius.

In addition, EFI intends plans to support and develop QTMS (now “EFI QTMS”) but no longer offer it to new customers. Instead, EFI says it will offer new clients EFI Auto-Count DMI for automated shop floor data collection and real-time shop floor production visibility and embed the best of QTMS features into the Auto-Count platform.

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