Vac Pac Invests in a SOMA Optima2 flexo press and S-Mount automatic plate mounter

SOMA, producer of flexographic printing presses, plate mounters, laminators and slitter rewinders, recently announced Baltimore metro-based Vac Pac has invested in an eight-color 59” SOMA Optima2 flexo press. Along with the Optima2 press they have purchased an automated SOMA S-Mount plate mounter.

Vac Pac currently owns two flexo presses, a 6-color and a 10-color, but are replacing their existing 6-color press with the SOMA Optima2. Their challenge was that, as a smaller company, they needed to modernize and push the boundaries of their work to get new business. They expect that the quality of the SOMA Optima2 press will allow them to do so.

Vac Pac was very interested in how other SOMA Optima2 press features could increase their capabilities. This included fast speeds and quick changeovers — which have taken much more time using Vac Pac’s existing presses.

The SOMA Optima2 is three times faster than Vac Pac’s existing presses. The press will no longer be the choke point of Vac Pac’s business. It will help them grow and gain new business.

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