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SUN Spotlights Transformative Solutions & Partnerships at ExpoACCCSA 2023

SUN Automation Group is a proud attendee this year at the 41st Association of Caribbean, Central and South American Corrugators Expo (ExpoACCCSA) in Monterrey, Mexico from October 17-19. Held at the Monterey Convention Center, 190 companies from 30-plus countries are exhibiting at ACCCSA, boasting the largest display of the latest technologies and solutions in the Latin American corrugated industry.

The expo is a platform for the Latin America corrugated industry, proposing solutions that improve efficiency, effectiveness and competitive capacity. To highlight its industry-leading capabilities, SUN is promoting the SUN625® Rotary Die Cutter. The fixed-frame, vertically opening, flexo printing machine offers versatile capabilities, including feeding, printing, and converting. Designed to produce high quality containers in a 24/7 production environment, the SUN625® offers more production volume than two traditional RDC machines, while also producing superior container quality.

“We are truly excited to engage in discussion about the  SUN625® Rotary Die Cutter at ExpoACCCSA,” said Gokul Gopakumar, Vice President of Technology and Business Development. “The SUN625® not only embodies SUN's commitment to cutting-edge technology but also our dedication to equipping businesses with solutions that amplify efficiency and quality. We eagerly look forward to sharing its unparalleled capabilities with our industry peers and partners at the expo.”

To demonstrate its complete portfolio solutions, SUN will highlight its strategic partnerships with PARA and Latitude Machinery Corporation. Based in Italy, PARA is a globally integrated material handling company, offering a variety of material handling and machinery solutions for the corrugated industry and has installed over 15,000 products worldwide. As the exclusive representative of PARA for the Americas, SUN will educate attendees about PARA’s transformative automation solutions for box plants.

LMC, headquartered in Taiwan, is a world-class manufacturer of Rotary Die Cutters and Flexo Folder Gluers. Known for their reliability, LMC equipment is a global success with machine sizes ranging from Mini to Jumbo.

“SUN has been the exclusive representative of LMC equipment in North and Central America since 2019,” said Greg Jones, Vice President of SUN. “LMC’s capabilities perfectly complement what we offer at SUN. With this partnership, we are able to expand our broad portfolio of corrugated equipment, which allows us to provide our customers with personalized solutions tailored to their exact needs.”

To learn more, visit booth 99 at ExpoACCCSA, and visit www.sunautomation.com. For additional information about ExpoACCCSA, visit https://convencion.acccsa.org/en/.

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