W&H Gravure Press Comes in Many Variations


LINCOLN, RI | Windmoeller & Hoelscher reports the HELIOSTAR S rotogravure press line includes the HELIOSTAR SL for the use of shafted cylinders, the HELIOSTAR SH for direct loading of hollow cylinders by means of chucks, and the HELIOSTAR SE for quick cylinder changeovers using automated cylinder change carts. 

The line includes outfit variations, along with automation modules designed to enhance the commercial efficiency as well as facilitate handling and reduce emission and scrap. Included is the TURBOCLEAN print cylinder cleaning and inking system. Reportedly, the presses will print a wide range of substrates including PP, BOPP/OPP, PE, aluminum foil, composite materials, paper, and cardboard.

Company says the presses are in operation worldwide, with repeat orders coming not only from industrialized regions but also from up-and-coming threshold countries.

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