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Sun Chemical and Sappi Collaborate

PARSIPPANY, NJ | Sun Chemical has collaborated with Sappi North America to create a companion piece for Sun’s award-winning Innovative Solutions book for brand owners and converters. The companion piece features ten printed sample pages utilizing Sun Chemical UV inks and coatings and combines it with Sappi’s coated printing paper.

The book will be available for brand owners and converters to experience at both the Sun Chemical and Sappi booths during PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 25–27, 2017.

“Our collaboration with Sappi has allowed Sun Chemical to create a unique piece that helps converters and brand owners create innovative solutions for packaging to stand out on shelf,” says Heather Buchholz, marketing program manager, Sun Chemical. “Sappi’s premier paper is the perfect medium on which to showcase the capabilities of our inks and coatings. Together, Sun Chemical and Sappi continue to further drive innovation in the marketplace, helping brand owners successfully differentiate themselves.”

Highlights from the companion piece include a variety of options for satin, matte, and gloss printing, in addition to Sun Chemical’s SunInspire sensory coatings line said to offer special effects that allow packaging to stand out on store shelves visually through high luster metallic, fluorescent, glitter, pearlescent, as well as iridescent finishes. SunInspire tactile coatings, ranging from coarse and gritty to soft and smooth, are also featured.

“Sappi North America has been using coatings from Sun Chemical on some of our most impactful print pieces,” says Patti Groh, marketing communications director, Sappi North America. “This new campaign collaboration was an easy decision to make because of our shared value of educating people on the power of paper. Paper is a highly effective and sustainable medium, which excels at making lasting impressions for brands, especially with the use of special effects. Using techniques like soft touch, unique aromas, and sandy feel all create impact and allow brands to stand out from the crowd.”

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