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CODAIRE-NP/SK Heavy Duty LCP Ink Jet Printer

Dalemark Industries, Inc., a leader in coding, product transport and labeling systems for industrial and consumer packaging, is pleased to introduce its new Heavy Duty CODAIRE®-NP/SK Programmable Large Character Ink Jet Printer designed specifically to work with solvent, oil, pigment, and water based inks in demanding applications including lumber, chemical, mining, tires, paper mills, masonery, and more.

Units are designed for their ruggedness and ability to print fixed and variable dot matrix alphanumeric copy from the top, sides or bottoms of moving products. These heavy—duty units are manufactured to meet Dalemark’s highest quality standards.

Features include:

  • Enclosed stainless steel print head(s);
  • .25 – 5 gallon refillable ink supply system;
  • Full alphanumeric print capability;
  • Dust and water-resistant print head enclosure;
  • Print speed up to 330 fpm with 98 message memory (at 45-character length);
  • Top, bottom or side print capability on moving porous/non-porous substrates;
  • Adjustedable print heights from 7/16 inches up to 4 inches (dependent upon print head);
  • Works with factory air or optional self-contained air pump; and
  • Designed for 24/7 operation in harsh and demanding environments.

For more information, visit https://dalemark.com.

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