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Siflex Packaging Saves With KODAK FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon

Since setting up business in 2014, Siflex Packaging has focused on developing and improving processes related to the production of flexible packaging in Chile and has invested heavily in machinery, processes and systems boasting the highest industry standards. One key piece of equipment is the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System installed by Miraclon in 2018 which, together with the FLEXCEL NX Plates, has enabled the company to cut white ink consumption by up to 23 percent.

Luis Sirhan, founder and general manager of Siflex Packaging, explains that choosing the FLEXCEL NX System was the only option he considered, as he had experienced its advantages firsthand when working for another company.

To confirm and further explore the benefits of this choice, Siflex Packaging coordinated a project measuring white ink savings that could be achieved with FLEXCEL NX Plates. They also studied plate advantages, quality and sustainability, and learned that the plates maximized productivity on press, with fewer unscheduled press stops and less waste.

“The investment in FLEXCEL NX Technology has been worthwhile, because not only has it allowed us to reach more customers, but it also generates concrete benefits such as printing with fewer colors and achieving the same result as printing with eight colors, for example,” Sirhan said. “Thanks to this and the other savings achieved with the equipment from Miraclon, such as using fewer plates, less need for equipment usage and therefore also less solvent usage, we are a more sustainable business.”

Find out more at www.miraclon.com.

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