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Flint Announces Technology for Letterpress Plates


STUTTGART, GERMANY | Flint Group Flexographic Products has launched new nyloprint NExT technology, an exposure unit for letterpress plates. It is targeted to the security and banknote printing as well as the high-end segment of labels, tubes, cups, and more. 

The innovation is based on the latest generation of UV-A LEDs (>250 mW/cm²), said to allow a more precise image reproduction of the finest relief elements and gradations. The high-power LEDs enable a virtual 1:1 copy of the digital data onto the printing plate, optimizing the reproduction accuracy of the digital data. The exposing speed of the LED bars can be customized to define dot shape and shoulder angle. Additionally, the finest highlights and open shadows increase the image contrast, company says.

The constant UV output of the UV-A LEDs during the complete life cycle of the nyloprint NExT exposure is said to result in high long-term repeatability, especially for rework, and the temperature control of the exposure bed ensures consistent production conditions. The exposure unit is suitable for processing every high quality photopolymer letterpress plate up to a maximum size of 1,200 x 960 mm (47.2 x 37.8 in.).

Reportedly, the technology can be used for all digital letterpress plates, regardless of plate thickness and format. It is compatible with all standard prepress and HD software and can be implemented into existing digital workflow.

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