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Heidelberg Press Going to Work at Villanti

KENNESAW, GA | Sheet-fed printer Villanti Printers, Milton, VT, is set to install a new Heidelberg press. The company says the Speedmaster XL 106-6+L with Prinect Image Control Next Generation will expand the production capabilities of the shop and allow the company to tap into the rapidly growing packaging market.

The new press will replace a Speedmaster SM 102-6P. According to president Jay Villanti, "The XL 106 will allow the printer to double its current production speeds and cut makeready times in half while continuing to achieve “UV-like results with conventional ink.” The combination of producing more quickly while continuing to offer its current clientele high quality print allows the shop to yield more jobs and attract new customers.

Villanti anticipates production to increase as a result of the non-stop automatic system on the new XL 106. With maximum production speeds of 18,000 sheets/hr, the printer plans to surpass its current impression count of 35 million/yr while running two shifts per day, five days a week.

“We knew that we needed to add coating to the mix to maintain the competitive advantage,” says Kat Villanti, VP of marketing. “The press will give us the ability to offer specialty coating and print on heavier substrates [up to 40 pt]—both of which are capabilities we did not have in the past. We see a huge opportunity to reach the rapidly growing packaging market in Vermont—more specifically in the craft and food industry. [With this new technology], we now have even better solutions to offer not only our existing clients but our potential clients as well.”

Color management is crucial for Villanti, and Prinect Image Control Next Generation is taking it a step further, the company reports. Prinect Image Control measures approximately 50 million CIELab values in just 20 seconds. The color management system records all quality parameters, measuring results, and the number of measurements taken during a print job allowing Villanti to effectively control color at all stages of production.

“A great piece of print begins in prepress,” says Villanti. “Image Control is the ultimate tool that allows us to manage color from start to finish and gives us the ability to tweak and make adjustments along the way to achieve the highest quality finished product for our clients.”

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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