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Goss and DG press Report Partnership

DURHAM, NH | Goss International reports a new strategic partnership with web offset and service specialists DG press Services B.V., Hallseweg, The Netherlands. As part of this agreement, Goss has acquired DG press’s Thallo product line, expanding the Goss web offset packaging portfolio.

In the new partnership, DG press will continue to manufacture the Thallo press platform and service/sell the system in Europe, while Goss will utilize its global sales, service, and distribution network to target customers in North and South America, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The Thallo is a hybrid web offset printing system said to be designed for the efficient production of high quality flexible packaging.

“The Thallo is an innovative, cost-effective solution for flexible packaging production,” says Bert Schoonderbeek, managing director, Goss Europe. “As such, this product fits perfectly within the Goss packaging portfolio and expands [our] overall packaging offering, which includes the Vpak line of press systems. In addition, DG press’s extensive technical and market knowledge makes them the ideal partner to continue to drive the adoption of web offset technology in the packaging sector.

Both companies will work together on joint development activities, which will benefit both the Thallo and Vpak models.” Both Goss and DG press says web offset has many advantages over flexo and rotogravure, such as lower cost plates, no solvents, high quality printing on a diverse range of substrates, and fast make-readies. The Thallo is said to offer all of these advantages plus the latest motion controls, easy-to-use operator interfaces, and a simple, cost-effective sleeve system.

“With brands requiring shorter runs and just-in-time delivery, the Thallo is the clear choice for converters looking for an efficient, reliable solution,” says Remko Koolbergen, co-owner and director at DG press. “Add to that Goss’s and DG press’s combined expertise, engineering, and R&D capabilities, and we are confident that this partnership will bring many additional benefits to new and existing customers around the world.”

Peter Kloppers, DR press co-owner and director, adds, “The aim of this cooperation is that our core objective of providing excellent service to our existing customers and partners will continue. In addition, the partnership strongly improves our international exposure and gives [both companies] a strengthened market position, taking us to the next stage of commercialization of the Thallo worldwide.”

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