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Innovation Is the Winner in Box Competition

Rigid box and folding carton industry firms from around the world shared 123 awards presented by the National Paperbox Association (NPA) as part of its 50th annual packaging competition. The awards were announced at NPA's 82nd Annual Meeting and 3rd International Paperbox Congress, which was held June 21-25 in Banff Springs, Canada.

According to Liz Hirschey, chairman of the Packaging Competition Committee, the nearly 400 entries, which were judged in three categories and 21 end-use classes, were "some of the most unique and well-designed packages in recent years." She adds that "converters just seem to get better and better in their package design and execution...the general level has been improving over the past several years."

The judges designated a total of 46 gold awards and 77 excellence awards. Following are details on the best of show winners.

Folding Carton Best of Show
F.M. Howell & Co., Elmira, NY, won the folding carton best of show for the "CorningWare" cooking bowls package manufactured for Corning Consumer Products Co., Elmira.

The carton features structural innovations that allow for ease in setup and loading, glass-to-glass protection, and maximum product visibility for consumer examination. It is an auto bottom style with built-in partitions and product locking flaps, and was printed on a KBA six-color offset press on 0.024 and 0.028 machine clay news.

Edward R. Matson, VP/director of sales and marketing, F.M. Howell, says, "It's rather unique for bowls to be displayed on edge, so you can call it a 'bowl-on-edge' concept. What's so unusual and interesting about this package is that it's for a glass product, of course, and it goes into a self-serve environment. The company wanted maximum visibility of the product, effective utilization of shelf space, and glass-to-glass protection. It had to be a package that also would be very easy to erect and to load, and would keep the product securely inside. That simple little package does all those things."

This carton also won a President's Award in the Paperboard Packaging Council's 2000 Competition (see PFFC, July 2000, p39).

Rigid Box Best of Show
Taylor Box Co., Warren, RI, took home the rigid box best of show award for the "Ann Taylor Deluxe Holiday Set," a perfume and lotion vacuum form tray in a folder package manufactured for Hub Folding Box, Mansfield, MA.

Judges cited innovations that include a unique Japanese Echizen silky white rice paper wrap with a satin ribbon closure. The ribbon ends are hidden underneath a die-cut slit and paper. Inside box panels are tipped and hot stamped, promoting a luxurious image. Materials include vat-lined board and silver pilgrim paper. The ribbon ties in a bow, dressing up the package to look like a gift.

Julie Phillips, marketing manager, Taylor Box, says, "There was a lot of handwork, because you had to pull the satin ribbon through the top and then tape it. It was covered with another piece of material so you couldn't see the tape. Then it was foil stamped on the inside, so it had a lot of elements to it. It was a nice holiday package because of the colors—silver and white—and the silver ribbon. It did really well." Boxmaking equipment is supplied by Crathern & Smith.

For more information contact NPA, 801 N. Fairfax St., Ste. 211, Alexandria, VA 22314; 703/684-2212; paperbox.org.

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