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KBA Sensoric Infeed System Wins Award


WILLISTON, VT—KBA North America has a three-peat for the GATF InterTech Technology Award from PIA/GATF, capturing the 2007 award for the Rapida 105's Sensoric Infeed System (SIS), a sidelay-free infeed feature found on its 41-inch sheetfed presses. During the past two years, KBA has won InterTech Awards for its Rapida 205 81-inch sheetfed press in 2005 and for its Genius 52 UV offset press in 2006.

The Rapida 105 SIS feature was developed to remove the traditional side guide on a press and integrate sheet alignment/register into the first infeed cylinder, as well as to improve, make more consistent, and overall simplify the process of feeding and aligning the sheet in a sheetfed offset press. One of the chief aims was to make the process stable and reliable without the need for manual intervention, even with frequent changes between different printing substrates.

The Sensoric Infeed System brings efficiencies in obtaining and maintaining register, as well as a reduction in overall makeready times. Savings in the above mentioned areas are estimated at 25% due to the side-lay feed infeed. Not having to manually adjust the system in-between substrates and job changeovers also is a timesaver. This feature allows increased time of 50% for the sheet to be aligned properly. See kba-usa.com.

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