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KBA Holds 2nd Lenticular Seminar


WILLISTON, VT—KBA North America held its second comprehensive four-day seminar on lenticular printing and prepress work in early July 2007, bringing together the company's lenticular, printing, and marketing experts. Lenticular printing is a special technique that involves printing an image on the back side of lenticular plastic, allowing the eye to simultaneously view alternating sections of multiple images to givethe impression of 3D, flip, or motion.

The four-day seminar covered lenticular printing from prepress to press and was broken into succinct segments, beginning with a history of lenticular printing, describing the different animation effects, and moving into various lens options. The seminar also explored prepress issues and interlacing, the process of striping and arranging printing information to a given pitch to match a lenticular lens; available software; pitch testing; and mechanical pitch. It included speakers Barry Johnson of Lenstar, Andrew So of Kodak, Jeff Miller of Human Eyes, and Eric Friedman of Toray.

Attendees were given time for hands-on production on the Genius 52 UV as well as the Rapida 105. Participants were shown how to complete a job from start to finish. These jobs included a 3D lenticular marketing piece for KBA and multiple animated 3D pieces attendees also had the opportunity to use the latest video motion technology, which required 32 images on one lens to reproduce a six-second video. See kba-usa.com.

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