MacDermid Announces Launch of Resins

ATLANTA, GA | MacDermid Graphics Solutions reports the commercial introduction of three new liquid photopolymer resins specifically designed for corrugated printing applications: MRC, LTS, and M Cap 45. These new products are part of the M System platform that company says leverages more than 40 years of liquid photopolymer experience into a unified technology and service architecture.

Company says MRC is a resin that does not require the GPX step, thus speeding up the workflow; and LTS is a softer resin specifically designed for printing on lower quality boards. In addition to MRC and LTS, the company has developed a new capping resin, M Cap 45, that can be used in conjunction with our new and existing liquid resins for corrugated applications. The capping technology allows for the use of a second layer of photopolymer on top of a soft or hard base photopolymer. M Cap 45 increases the tonal range of the finished plate and reduces fluting to an extent said to rival or surpass that of the leading flat top dot technologies in the industry.

“We are thrilled to be launching these additions to our M System platform,” says Ryan Vest, global director of innovation at MacDermid Graphics Solutions. “Our focus and commitment to liquid photopolymer technology remains strong due to the dedicated and experienced team we have in place.”

MRC is a 32 durometer (Shore A) resin designed to provide thick photopolymer printing plates for the corrugated market with optional GPX requirements, allowing for increased productivity if desired. It is commercially available in 5-gal plastic containers and 2,000-lb totes.

LTS is a 25 durometer (Shore A) resin designed to provide softer photopolymer plates to address the challenges of printing on recycled boards and boards with thinner liners. It is commercially available in 5-gal plastic containers and 2,000-lb totes.

M Cap 45 is a 45 durometer (Shore A) cap resin designed primarily for corrugated printing applications. It is used in conjunction with a softer base resin to produce capped printing plates for high quality and process color printing. M Cap 45 can be used with company’s LTL, LTS, and MRC liquid resins and is available in 5 gal-containers.

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