Unilux Introduces Compact Web Viewing System for Narrow Web Printers

Unilux has announced a new web viewing system for the printing industry. MANTIS is reportedly the result of the company’s mission to accelerate innovations in quality control.

MANTIS is a self-contained inspection system best suited for narrow web printers where flexibility is desired and mounting space is limited. The most significant innovation of this system comes in the integration of the processor and camera into a single unit that can be placed anywhere on the press and moved easily without the need to re-route wires. For added flexibility, any monitor can be connected via HDMI and the system is controlled using a widely available wireless remote that most operators are already comfortable using. A UV model is available for the inspection of cold seals, UV-Visible inks and optical brighteners.

“We’re always on the lookout for ways to bring true innovation to our customers, especially when those solutions result in more efficient quality control,” said Mike Simonis, Unilux president. “MANTIS, with its more flexible, user-friendly approach, has the ability to change what printers expect from their camera-based systems.”

“Unilux inspection strobes are the perfect complement to the ‘micro’ view provided by camera-based inspection systems,” said Tom Herold, vice president sales, North America. “With the addition of MANTIS, we are now able to provide customers with a more holistic view of print quality.”

For more information, visit strobe.unilux.com/mantis.

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