AZCO Offers High-Speed Knife Assembly

FAIRFIELD, NJ | AZCO Corporation offers the SMARTKNIFE modular knife assembly capable of cutting out a slug of material for an application involving polyester material 610 mm wide and 0.10–0.30 mm thick, with zippers and gussets. The unit has a single moveable blade as well as two stationary blades, creating a dual cut surface. The blades cut on both sides of the material, reportedly creating a clean slug that is removed from the package. 

The unit makes a complete cycle and comes back to the home position waiting for the next signal. Company says the unit features easy installation and quiet operation, and unlike traditional knife assemblies, it has taken all the essentials of a knife assembly and integrated them into a compact package. All that is needed is an air supply and a signal.

It is pneumatically operated with a self-contained air cylinder/manifold/solenoid, which reportedly means it is no longer necessary to spend the time or labor to install air lines, fittings, solenoids, or sensors to control the knife position. An embedded microprocessor and a complete control package allow the knife to achieve higher speeds than the standard guillotine knife, with cycle rates exceeding 400 cuts/min.

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