Maxcess Reports Benefits of Tidland Electronic Knifeholders

CAMAS, WA | Maxcess, a global provider of products and services for web handling applications, announces the release of the Tidland Control Series electronic knife holders

Class II and III Control Series

Featuring an LED-backlit touchscreen interface, mill-duty durability, and available wireless operation, the new Control Series reportedly offers a big improvement in electronic knifeholder technology.

“Tidland pioneered electronic knifeholder technology with the award-winning e-Knifeholder,” says Kristen McPherson, global product manager for Tidland. “The Control Series was designed to deliver even more value to our customers. Greater control over slit quality means less scrap and increased blade life, which translates to a quick return on investment. The Control Series also requires less setup and training time, improves safety by reducing the need for operator intervention, and is robust enough to withstand harsh mill environments.”

Available in Control and Control Plus models, the knifeholders ensure proper setup by self-calibrating to optimize two critical operating parameters, side force and overlap. Company says this reduces blade wear and minimizes changes, resulting in less downtime and reduced operating costs. In addition, the Control Plus model offers closed-loop side force control and real-time monitoring via the onboard touchscreen or a PC interface to ensure the highest possible slit quality.

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