Converted Products Inc. Updates Slitting Capabilities

MILWAUKEE, WI | Converted Products Inc. (CPI) announced the installation of a new center surface winder along with an additional equipment update for 2017. The latest center surface winder was installed in late September and is filling up fast.

As founder and owner Chris Gorenc stated, “This is actually our 2nd new 108-in. wide Catbridge #550 center surface winder installed over the last three years. After listening to our customer’s needs, we made several enhancements to this second machine to maximize both unwind and rewind diameters, which complements the overall versatility we offer with these two slitter/rewinders. We feel we are aggressively addressing the contract converting market by enhancing our capabilities through extensive market and product knowledge and then incorporating advances in technology via long standing customer/vendor relationships to make Converted Products Inc. a leader in the industry.”

The new line offers many new technical advances with the basic specifications as follows:

1) Unwind diameter to 78 in.

2) Rewind diameters to 50 in.

3) Differential winding for those hard to handle materials.

4) Center surface or minimum gap winding modes

5) 3 Motor Drive system for accurate precision winding

6) Rewind shaft sizes ranging from 3 in. to 8 in.

7) Unwind core sizes- 3 in. to 12 in. ID

8) Score, Shear and Razor slitting

Also announced by CPI is the installation of a new 130 in. wide surface winder. Expected to be installed by late 1st quarter 2017, this latest winder will run at speeds up to 4,500 fpm with rewind capabilities up to 72 in. OD and a 100 in. OD driven assisted unwind. More details on this install will be released in the first quarter of 2017.


The Catbridge Difference

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