GOEBEL IMS to Show Slitters at Chinaplas

DARMSTADT, GERMANY | GOEBEL IMS reports it offers a top-performing portfolio of slitter/rewinders, that covers the complete web width from 1,800–12,000 mm. The company will highlight its portfolio at Chinaplas 2018 April 24–27 in Shanghai. MONOSLIT, INTERSLIT, and XTRASLIT 2

The MONOSLIT series, comprising the MONOSLIT with a working width to 9,000 mm and the MONOSLIT GIANT with a 12,000-mm working width, are designed for converting a broad spectrum of films. Materials with thicknesses between 0.5 and 500 μm can be converted at speeds to 1,500 mpm, reportedly featuring a very smooth run at maximum speed while guaranteeing outstanding quality of the end product. The new machine design allows for an unwinding diameter to 1,800 mm and a rewinding diameter to 1,550 mm, with winding stations carrying a maximum finished roll weight to 5,000 kg.

The newly developed INTERSLIT is designed for the highly productive processing in the range of intermediate width to 7,000 mm. INTERSLIT is based on MONOSLIT on the one hand and, on the other hand, on the compact XTRASLIT 2, that covers working widths to 3,600 mm. The machine is suitable for foil thicknesses of 0.5 to 500 μm and process packaging films, capacitor films, thermal transfer films, metallized films, and thick film for industrial or optical applications. Winding stations can accommodate a high roll weight to 5,000 kg with an unwind diameter o to 1,550 mm and a rewind diameter to 1,300 mm. Top speeds of 1,200 mpm are guaranteed, due to the ultra-light dancer roller ensuring constant web tension even at high speeds. INTERSLIT allows for the production of narrow rolls, starting from a minimum slitting width of 180 mm.

The INTERSLIT BSF is a primary slitter/rewinder dedicated to processing battery separator films and wet processed BOPE-based battery separator film, both ultra-sensitive materials. It can convert web widths to 6,000 mm and features a clean, integrated machine design.

All company’s slitter/rewinders comprise a digital AC drive technology said to allow for highly efficient energy recovery help reduce operational costs and improve energy savings. Further, the machines come both as an economic, basic model and with upgrade options with a range of technical features. INTERSLIT, for example, can be customized with a razor blade exchange device or a camera system monitoring the slitting unit.

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