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Martin Automatic – bringing production efficiency to web fed applications

For more than five decades Martin Automatic has helped converters improve their productivity with high performance, state-of-the-art solutions.  The scope of the company’s technology has taken it into a variety of markets - almost any material that is produced in roll form has been processed by Martin equipment at some stage.

In label converting, Martin is well known for its range of narrow-web automatic butt splicers and transfer rewinders, but the company is equally respected and known for its global presence other roll-fed industries. Opposite the label industry which considers 670 mm web width and 200 mpm advanced, Martin supplies high-speed, low-tension roll automation to wide-web coating and laminating converters of tissue, nonwoven and film where 900 mpm and 4.5 meter web widths are common.

Once these wide-web materials are converted into narrow rolls, other converters use Martin splicers to automate their manufacturing of disposable diapers, feminine care products, absorbent pads, sanitizing wipes, medical gowns and face masks.  Filter media converters also enjoy the benefits of using similar equipment in the manufacturing of filters for home and automotive.

Other markets for Martin technology include roofing, and building materials, medical packaging,  toothpaste tube laminate, folding cartons, beverage carriers, and disposable cups and plates

Martin Automatic’s reputation around the world is defined not only by the quality and clarity of its technology, but also its original, and in many cases, patented designs, such as the inertia compensated dancer roller and, the Airnertia™ idler roller, which offers high-frequency response to speed changes in processes running delicate webs.  Martin customers benefit from the thought leadership and intentional simplicity behind Martin’s design philosophy.

Integrating Martin automatic splicers and rewinders into production lines provides converters with significant cost savings – reduced waste and improved efficiency reflect directly on the bottom line.  One aspect of material waste is partially used rolls which are often sent to landfill. Martin’s technology allows converters to incorporate partially used rolls for make ready or even into production runs, utilizing material that would otherwise negatively impact the bottom line and the planet’s resources.

Two recent examples of Martin’s positive impact are Iconex in Tennessee and ProPrint in the UK.  Iconex installed Martin butt splicers to existing production lines to support the company’s growth in innovative labels, but with the rapid spread of Coronavirus, these lines were quickly switched over to converting paper rolls for sanitizing wipes, “without missing a beat”, according to Plant Manager, Jim Price.  In the UK, ProPrint installed a new 430mm web press exclusively for the production of linerless labels and fitted it with a Martin MBS unwind splicer and LRD rewinder to allow non-stop production at 450ft/min.  Operations Manager Bob Green claims ‘we save 150 – 300ft of material per roll change and have boosted productivity by at least 20 percent.’ These stories are typical of the productivity gains achieved with non-stop unwinds and rewinds from Martin Automatic.


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