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Leading the Industry for Converting Machinery Manufacturers

Leading the industry for a converting machinery manufacturers means being at the forefront of the two main categories: market share and innovation.

Can be defined as “leader” a Company that sells the higher market share confirming not only the quality of the product but as well the ability to provide customers always with the best value for money, the best service and an ethical approach to business.

Can be defined as “leader” a Company that sets the standards and brings to the industry the largest number of consistent innovations, technical and technological solutions to improve productivity, product quality, operators and consumers safety while taking care of the environmental impact.

Nordmeccanica is in fact all of the above.

With a global 70% market share, that becomes over 90% in certain markets, Nordmeccanica confirms that quality pays. Over 300 units a year delivered: coaters, laminators and Vacuum Metallizers. Reaching such targets is possible when serving customers by providing good hardware but as well by delivering effective training, state of the art know-how and best in class after sales services.

Nordmeccanica was incorporated in 1978 and during this past 44 years has achieved the mentioned targets through a constant growth at a pace that allowed to improve services in parallel with the sales growth. The organization today counts on 5 locations to assist customers globally. The Long Island based Nordmeccanica NA is the Nordmeccanica Group member responsible for North America.

On the innovation side Nordmeccanica developed all concepts behind the modern coating and laminating technology. Just a short list.

  • The invention of the modular machinery concept that allows for unparallel product quality and unsurpassed efficiency in handling even complex products.
  • The interchangeable coating heads design: the Combi family of products. The most advanced drying technologies available that allows for state-of-the-art productivity, with the best in class energy saving and drying efficiency.
  • The innovations behind the development of Solvent less lamination on the machine side. All that you see currently on the market was designed, developed and patented by Nordmeccanica in the early days of that technology, from the 5 roller system, to the web handling technology, to the mixing head design and more.
  • The invention of the “compact” coater-laminators concept, a class of products invented here and perfected: the Simplex family. A product line that features the largest number of attempts of imitation.
  • The all-motorized unwinds technology to perfect the web handling in demanding applications.

All of the milestones the industry is talking about:

  • The horizontal modular drying oven.
  • Triplex SL One Shot the only design that allows for reliable 3-ply lamination using exclusively solvent free adhesives.
  • Duplex One-Shot the revolutionary technology for quick curing in solvent less lamination developed in cooperation with Dow.
  • The integration of laser die-cutters in laminators for the conversion paper based packaging for the food industry.
  • The barrier enhancing technologies developed in cooperation with Henkel

And many, many more.

It is a 44 years of continued efforts to provides customers with unparalleled solutions for reliability, technology, efficiency, safety, integration and connectivity.

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