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Leading Manufacturer of Converting Machinery

Catbridge Machinery designs and manufactures innovative, high-performance converting machinery for a wide range of industries including flexible packaging, film, paper, adhesives, nonwovens and building products. In addition to a complete line of slitter rewinders, Catbridge excels at integrating components to build state-of-the-art web converting systems and process lines for coating, laminating and other functions.

The Catbridge Difference

Using an innovative, customer-centric approach to design and engineering, Catbridge has emerged as the leader in state-of-the-art web converting solutions. What makes Catbridge different is their commitment to tailored solutions to meet the customer’s needs. Unlike many of its competitors, Catbridge Machinery conceptualizes, engineers, builds, programs, calibrates and tunes every piece of equipment they sell, with customer input playing a role throughout.

Catbridge’s highly qualified engineers combine decades of experience in the converting machine industry with the latest computer-assisted design and manufacturing technologies to create the best converting machine design solution for its customers. President, Michael Pappas and Vice President, William Christman, bring an unmatched passion and expertise to the web converting industry. Catbridge Machinery’s greatest strength is the ability to provide solutions for a broad range of applications.

Innovative, Highly-Productive Slitter Rewinders

Catbridge has a complete line of high performance machinery designed to accommodate any level of converting. Catbridge duplex center winders, center surface winders, surface winders and turrets all offer quality and performance that guarantee success. All Catbridge slitter rewinders safely and effectively increase throughput, improve finished roll quality and reduce waste. From unwind to rewind, all models integrate innovative technologies that deliver improved results.

Catbridge Machinery’s design and manufacturing facility integrates engineering and construction seamlessly under one roof allowing for unmatched quality control. From start-ups and training to spare parts and remote servicing, Catbridge stays with you for the life of your machine.

Phone: (973) 808-0029

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Website: www.catbridge.com

The Catbridge Difference

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