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Meech Webinar Addresses Avoiding Thermal Runaway in Electric Vehicle Batteries Featuring Industry Expert Professor Paul Christensen

Professor Paul Christensen

At 1:00 p.m. GMT on March 22, 2023, Meech will host a 45-minute webinar entitled “Avoiding thermal runaway in EV batteries.” The webinar will cover the various causes of thermal runaway including dangerous contamination within the manufacturing process.

The webinar will feature a segment from special guest Professor Paul Christensen, an international expert on all aspects of lithium-ion battery safety including fire detection and prevention. An academic at Newcastle University, Professor Christensen has a successful track record of helping establish major electric vehicle production lines and regularly advises fire services, local authorities and other government agencies on the fire risks associated with lithium-ion batteries. He is also a key member of Faraday Institution’s SafeBatt project. Professor Christensen’s webinar contribution will focus on the risks and potential infrastructure and fire service challenges of sub-standard lithium-ion battery equipment. He will address the main causes of thermal runaway, and will participate in a live Q&A.

Following Professor Christensen’s contribution, Ian Atkinson, Manufacturing technology and support systems Specialist will discuss the technical aspects, and the importance, of static control and contamination removal at key stages of battery production. He will also answer questions in a live Q&A.

Ian Atkinson

Ian Atkinson commented: “Electrification is happening on a global scale, especially within manufacturing technology. As new technology scales up, controlling this is more essential than ever. As industry specialists within static control and contamination reduction, the rapidly evolving battery market has been a growing focus for Meech over recent years. We are delighted to be able to share our knowledge through this exclusive webinar, and we’re delighted to be joined by Professor Paul Christensen, whose contribution will be of enormous interest and value to attendees.”

Professor Christensen added: “EV battery fires, though extremely rare, can be catastrophic and their causes and appropriate responses are still poorly understood. As manufacturing ramps up in the coming years, understanding how to minimize the risks is vitally important.”

To sign up for the webinar visit https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/a1c5857e-049e-4793-aa8b-143f81df50c7@45e96065-66d4-42ce-869a-0c3bfe7593b0

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