Improve Induction Sealing Productivity


MENOMONEE FALLS, WI—When products come off the packaging line exhibiting inconsistent seals, the first thought is to blame the induction sealer. In fact, 99% of the time the induction sealer is not the reason for a bad seal. A new white paper from Enercon Industries explains the application variables packagers should look for when troubleshooting inconsistent induction sealing.

A chart included in the white paper provides a quick and easy reference to the most common symptoms and causes of partial seals, weak seals, difficult-to-remove seals, burnt cardboard liners, low removal torque, and more.

By reading this white paper, packagers will improve their understanding of the induction sealing process, application variables, and troubleshooting techniques. It can be used for immediate productivity improvements, as well as be archived for training new line operators. See

Enercon Industries | Surface Treating

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