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QC Electronics Releases Vacuum Table Corona Treater

After extensive R&D, QC Electronics has released another laboratory corona treater for the treatment of A4 standard sized sheets. The new vacuum table is convertible to bare roll or covered roll format to replicate varying production environments. The vacuum table runs at higher power settings than its relative, the DocuDyne, allowing for treatment of more materials, and a more precise production environment replication. QC’s lab equipment is quickly replacing handheld corona treaters to guarantee a bond prior to production. This allows customers to run complete R&D in-house and develop and release new products faster and easier.

QC’s CEO, Ken Klein, comments, “At QC the engineers are always challenged with unique projects where the customer needs more than an off-the-shelf corona treater. Their abilities are tested with the challenges faced with R&D, but they continue to show their passion for development and dedication to solving problems. QC is unique in the sense that we bring new products to market through custom R&D projects for customers.”

Carl Klein, QC’s Product Development Engineer, oversaw this project. The vacuum table was custom designed for a customer treating exotic films. QC quickly saw an interest in the treater as new projects arose and decided to officially release this treater to their product line.

Carl commented on the project “This product was a designed for customers treating certain types of film / materials in ways a standard corona treatment system would not be fit for. The ease of implementation, operation, and serviceability are all key aspects of the design, performance, and function of this new product.”

The vacuum table secures the film to the plate, pulls the plate through the enclosure under the treatment head, and back out to render the product ready for testing. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and make sure to check out QC’s product demos on YouTube

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