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Solutions for Guaranteed Adhesion

SOFTAL Corona & Plasma manufactures advanced surface treatment systems for foil, film, web, paper, foam and more. More than 60 years of surface treatment experience has made SOFTAL a world leader and the benchmark in surface treatment technology.

SOFTAL produces a full range of powerful, dependable corona and plasma systems designed to raise the surface energy and adhesion properties of numerous substrates. Printing inks, lacquers and adhesives thoroughly wet out once treated with SOFTAL’s technology.

The Benefits of SOFTAL’s Corona Systems

  • Corona stations - from 10 inches to 10 meters - with single or multiple electrode assemblies
  • Robust, reliable design for maximum up-time and productivity
  • Capable of meeting any line speed per your specification
  • Individual corona generator power: up to 144 kW, twice as much as conventional generators on the market
  • Modular generator technology solves the performance limitations of a single generator and keeps systems operating
  • Stand-alone, high-performance ozone filter and destruction system
  • Low energy requirements and operating costs
  • Plasma treatment systems for delicate materials, foam, thick materials, and more

Based in Hamburg, Germany, SOFTAL is represented in the North America by 3DT LLC of Germantown, Wisconsin. This strategic partnership provides state-of-the-art German engineering with U.S. sales, service, and support.


Innovation in Corona & Plasma Surface Treatment

3DT is an industry leader in surface treatment technology, manufacturing a broad line of innovative corona and plasma surface treatment systems, all customizable for unique applications. Let’s discuss your adhesion challenges. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at www.3DTLLC.com.

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