Simco-Ion Offers New Nozzle to Neutralize Static

HATFIELD, PA | Simco-Ion announces the introduction of the IQ Power HE Nozzle, a high-efficiency monitored nozzle. The IQ Power HE Nozzle is said to offer exceptional ionization performance with significantly lower air consumption compared to other nozzles.

The nozzle is a compact shockless pulse DC ionizer engineered for neutralizing static charges in rugged industrial applications. It is IP-66 rated and compatible with company’s IQ Power Static Neutralizing System. Used with the IQ Power BPS power supply, users of the new nozzle reportedly have worry-free, one-touch calibration and continuous active monitoring of performance and status.

Flexible installation allows up to four nozzles to be positioned on a single wire run for a cost-effective solution. Each IQ Power HE Nozzle is configurable in either a thru or end position.

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