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TLMI Publishes North American Label Study 2007


The 2007 edition of the United States Tag and Label Manufacturers Assn.'s (TLMI) North American Label Study provides a timely and up-to-date overview of the pressure-sensitive label and product decoration market, with an in-depth supply-side analysis and demand-side assessment across all the major end-use market segments. Researched exclusively for TLMI by global market research, publishing, consulting, and events company AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., the report offers market data and analysis in areas that may be critical to future business growth and profitability for converters and their suppliers.

Central to the study is the qualitative and quantitative analysis of present and future demand for labels in North America, segmented by regional characteristics and end-use markets. This key data is provided in terms of volume; current and projected growth rates; label substrates and converting technologies; and the relative position of alternative labeling and product decoration technologies.

Other figures in the report show:

  • Largest of all is the food segment, with nearly 20% of the pressure-sensitive label market.
  • Beverage labeling, at 15.6% of the pressure-sensitive label market, is a dynamic growth segment in prime label, with particular current emphasis on the use of clear p-s film labels on premium beers.
  • Applications for health and beauty care represent 8.7% of total p-s usage.
  • Pharmaceuticals represents 5.8% of use.
The study boasts further information. It is available at tlmi.com.

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