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AIMCAL Calls for R2R Papers

FORT MILL, SC | The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) has issued a call for papers for the 2018 Roll to Roll (R2R) Conference, scheduled for October 28–31 in Phoenix, AZ. The event is co-located with FlexPackCon, sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). The deadline for papers is May 18. Some suggested topics of interest are listed below. 

Web Coating and Laminating

  • Web coating technology related to coating methods and application; fluid rheology and handling with a focus on degassing and deaeration methods
  • Process monitoring and measurement
  • Formulation design and methods and strategies employed by coating formulators
  • Laminating processes including alternatives to laminations, process optimization, web variability, modulus, guiding, and tracking
  • Coating Operations including Management of Change; Training and Development; Testing Methods; Advanced Analytics; Defects
  • Problem Solving with a special focus on case studies that demonstrate the use of new and established methods
  • Drying/curing technology including thermal drying and radiation curing. Case studies describing drier upgrades and similar process improvements.

Vacuum Web Coating

  • Process optimization and preventive maintenance in the vacuum web coating processes
  • Machine and equipment accessories upgrade cost/benefit
  • Advances in substrate technology Advances in process control and measurement
  • Patterning and edging of vacuum coated films and papers
  • New coating processes, tools, and equipment
  • Advances in barrier performance, process, and measurement

Specialty Web Coating

  • Novel or developing web coating technologies
  • Nano coating technology
  • Developing web coating technologies and markets

Web Handling

  • Exceptional and innovative web handling techniques
  • New or improved equipment, design, or materials
  • Process improvements, process modeling, productivity improvements
  • Winding, roll formation, tension control, web guiding, and process modeling
  • Slitting advancements, controls, and best practices
  • Roll/material handling, packaging, warehousing
  • Substrate specific challenges in web handling and winding (film, paper, wovens, etc.)

Papers covering other related subjects will also receive committee review. All papers are encouraged and will be given due consideration by the committee. Presentations must focus on the technology, not individual brands or products. Commercialism in the technical program is not acceptable to attendees and must be limited to the introduction and/or closing only.

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