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Xplore Tablet Working in Tissue Converting

AUSTIN, TX | Xplore Technologies Corporation says Futura, an Italian manufacturer of industrial production plant machinery, is providing an Xplore F5m rugged tablet-based solution to all of its customers as part of the standard “scope of supply” for its tissue converting equipment. Xplore’s durable 10.4-in. Windows®mobile computer, rebranded the Futura ProTablet, now serves as the all-in-one data and field-task system for maintenance work conducted on Futura-equipped toilet, kitchen, and professional-grade tissue production lines in factories around the world. For example, tablet users can access the Futura Procare Portal and Procare Factory on-line services for intuitive, step-by-step maintenance guides and real-time, remote expert support using an augmented reality experience.

“Futura was looking for a way to help their manufacturing customers move from a time-consuming maintenance workflow to a fully mobile, technology-based process for their highly complex machinery,” says John Graff, VP of marketing at Xplore. “Traditional manual inspection, diagnostic, and repair processes resulted in unacceptable levels of equipment downtime. Today, the Xplore F5m-based solution enables some of the largest toilet paper and paper towel brands in the world to control, monitor, and maintain this heavy industrial machinery in real-time.”

Reportedly, the Xplore and Futura-developed ProTablet solution gives manufacturers’ technicians a rugged tablet-based maintenance computing system that can be hand-carried onto the shop floor and plugged directly into the converting machines for diagnostic tasks. It also provides a direct connection to the warehousing and records systems that support maintenance tasks, allowing for a more automated workflow. ProTablet users can access standalone software applications such as the Futura Components Engine—which provides exploded views and manual documentation—and the Convergence Mobile video maintenance system.

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