Eaglewood Technologies is a Finalist for the Label Industry Global Innovation Award

MINNEAPOLIS, MN | Eaglewood Technologies is a finalist for the Label Industry Global Innovation Award, after receiving the FTA 2018 Technical Innovation Award in May. The innovation awards are for the Sitexco Laser Anilox Cleaning Systems which use advanced laser technology, combined with cutting edge software. They are intelligent, environmentally-safe and effective at maintaining anilox inventory.

The Sitexco Systems are available in four models to accommodate narrow web rolls to 127” rolls. Integration of digital microscopes such as AniCAM’s, MicroDynamics and various brands help operators gain complete control over their anilox inventory.

Additional options such as RFID automation help streamline this process even further. Eaglewood Technologies is well aware that constant innovation is essential to keep pace in the flexographic industry. Their core focus is to provide the best sustainable solution for anilox maintenance in every flexographic facility.

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