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Montalvo Announces All New Load Cell: N Micro Cantilever Load Cell

Montalvo announces its latest addition to its growing load cell portfolio, the N Micro Cantilever Load Cell. N Micro Load Cells are ideal for narrow web, light tension applications requiring precise, superior tension control measurement. Montalvo’s N-Micro load cell are commonly used in applications producing labels, tapes, and more.

“Montalvo is one of the few web tension control specialists continuously developing new products for the constantly evolving industry,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Bryon Williams. “The N Micro is designed for narrow web applications, often running multiple webs of material that all need to be precisely tensioned at the same amount to effectively perform as one end product. It is a cost-effective solution for these applications whether they are running web or more.”

Additional N Micro Load Cell features include:

  • Narrow Web, Light Tension Applications;
  • Standard Sizes and Configurations or Fully Customizable;
  • Full Compatibility with a Wide Range of Control Schemes;
  • High Performance, Low Drag Bearings;
  • High Degree of Linearity and Repeatability; and
  • Cost Effective Solution.

For more information, visit http://www.montalvo.com.

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