American Roller Releases New Anti-Static Covering with Non-Marking Properties

American Roller announced that its next-generation EPDM has been re-engineered from the base resin level upwards. The Arcomax 6000 Anti-Static Series is now available and features significant improvements with abrasion resistance and better overall compression set properties.

It reportedly features anti-static performance that is permanent on the roller surface. Exclusive to American Roller, this new covering is specially colored and provides non-marking properties.

Arcomax 6000 Anti-Static was engineered to be an excellent all-purpose soft cover with applications in a wide variety of industries. When compared to the common alternatives, it has reportedly shown to experience up to 2.5 times greater abrasion resistance and up to 2 times lower compression set.

“We wanted to develop a product that would offer our customers performance enhancements without any significant increase in costs to the customer,” said Steve Aker, VP of Coverings. “In addition to the improvements, we are also proud that we were able to select very stable ingredients that will be much more permanent and will not break down like carbon black does, which is commonly seen on anti-static rollers.”

Customers could expect these new soft covers to last longer and outperform previously used coverings within the recommended applications.

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