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Dover Flexo Electronics Announces New Tension Controller


ROCHESTER, NH | Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) announces the release of the new WebHandler4 automatic tension controller. The controller is said to maintain set tension on a web substrate in any zone on a printing press or converting machine to improve converting and printing process consistency. 

A high-performance, closed-loop analog tension controller, the device is similar in function to company’s full-featured SteadyWeb5 digital tension controller but is simpler in style and incorporates a purely analog design.

Explains Glyn Green, DFE’s technical support manager, “While some users may view the analog design of devices like the WebHandler4 as an anachronism, there are many tension control users who prefer the simplicity and familiarity of an analog user interface to the more complex graphic user interface of the digital type controllers. We need to serve both desires in the tension control marketplace.”

Product offers tension transducer inputs and the SteadyWeb5 standard controller features, Quick-Cal push-button Zero and Calibration for fast setup, and choice of 24 Vdc, 115 Vac, or 230 Vac power inputs.

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