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Maxcess Announces New MAGPOWR Products

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK | Maxcess, a global supplier of products and services for web handling applications, announces the release of three advanced tension control products from MAGPOWR: The CSR Cantilevered Tension Sensing Roller, the ISR Integrated Sensing Roller, and the TLCB, a larger size of the Thin Load Cell

“With the ISR and CSR Tension Sensing Rollers, we are building upon the strengths of our precision roll knowledge from Webex and MAGPOWR’s deep understanding of tension control to create two unique rollers that will be faster, easier and less expensive to install than a separate roll and tension sensors,” says Chris Harper, global product manager for MAGPOWR Tension Control. “For the TLCB Thin Load Cell, we took a popular European-style load cell that allows for minimal machine space requirements and created a larger size, which has been a major request from our customer base.”

Maxcess CEO Greg Jehlik says, “With the release of the ISR and CSR idler rolls, we are beginning to take advantage of the combined strengths of our legacy brands. By bringing together more than 45 years of experience in tension measurement and control from MAGPOWR with more than 40 years of precision roll design and manufacturing experience from Webex, the ISR and CSR will add vital product to our tension control offering.”

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