Roll-2-Roll Technologies Partners with Power/mation

TILLWATER, OK | Roll-2-Roll Technologies reports a partnership with Power/mation, St Paul, MN, a distributor of high-tech industrial automation solutions. The partnership will allow Roll-2-Roll to reach the industrial automation market in the Midwest through Power/mation’s network and allow Power/mation to add to its line of industrial automation products Roll-2-Roll Technologies’ sensor technology for multiple applications in the converting industry.

In other company news, Roll-2-Roll Technologies recently unveiled advanced data analytics and fault prediction technology available for the ARIS Web Guiding SystemKOIOS Data Analytics offers the ability to detect problems in the process based on the behavior of the web and the data collected and analyzed through the web guide intelligent control and diagnostic system.

Apart from indicating the health of the process, the system also provides status and fault information indicating the root cause for the lower health index. The analytics can be accessed through a built-in web browser interface or through industrial ethernet protocols.

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