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Roll-2-Roll Launches Web Guides

STILLWATER, OK | Roll-2-Roll Technologies has introduced two new lines of narrow web guiding systems. Low-Profile Narrow Web Displacement Guides are powered by company’s ARIS Web Position Sensors and controllers, said to allow for fast and easy installation and operation. The intelligent sensor and control systems allows converters to handle any material without the need of time costly calibration or adjustments, company says. 

Low-profile compact web guide

Guides, also designed for nonwovens, are lightweight with height profiles of 3.5 in. and 4.5 in. and can guide webs to 20 in. in width. The low-profile, lightweight design provides converters with a web guide system that can be placed in tight spaces within their converting lines.

Both web guides can be used for applications including edge guiding, center guiding, line guiding, or contrast position guiding using the recently introduced SCU5 controller. The SCU5 controller can process two sensors while guiding one web guide mechanism. The controller features include touch screen language-independent operator interface, communication through industrial Ethernet such as Ethernet/IP or PROFINET, and optional analog output.

Aravind Seshadri, president of Roll-2-Roll Technologies, says, “...as a young company we are quick to respond to customer needs, and these product are the result of customer feedback. We leverage advanced technologies to make our products simple and easy to use. Our simple solutions save a tremendous amount of time for our customers while improving their process efficiency. That is the best way we can apply our knowhow of web handling.”

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