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Roll-2-Roll Technologies Touts Retrofits

STILLWATER, OK | Roll-2-Roll Technologies says customers can upgrade existing guiding systems at a at a fraction of the total cost of replacing web guide by installing retrofit kit. This can help when pneumo-hydraulic units produce noise and hydraulic leaks, leading to constant maintenance costs, use of valuable floor space, and sub-par edge guiding. Company says the retrofit is a simple solution to a difficult problem with its controller, actuator, motor driver, and sensor.

Web Guide Retrofit or Replacement Kit reportedly enables easy upgrade of any existing web guiding system with the next-generation sensing and control technology. Displacement guides, steering guides, unwind stands, and rewind stands can be upgraded with this kit by properly sizing the actuator.

Existing pneumatic, hydraulic, or electromechanical web guides get the benefit of the latest sensing and control technologies with this upgrade kit. OEMs also benefit from this replacement kit when they pair it with web guide mechanical systems. It allows them to provide their customers with the latest in sensor and control technology at an affordable cost, says company.

The advanced patented fiber optic sensor technology is said to make the web guide retrofit kit easy to install, simple to operate, and maintain. The accurate and precise measurement technology adjusts automatically to the physical characteristics of the material, such as opacity and porosity. The benefits, company says, include the following:

  • Save money and keep the old web guide assembly while reaping the benefits of new technology.
  • Save space and remove all the old pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical systems.
  • Save time with plug-and-play operation and ease of integration.
  • Reduce waste with high accuracy and high precision guiding.
  • Reduce downtime with increased sensor reliability.

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