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Web Guiding Equipment for Tomorrow’s Demands

By Robert Buongiorno, President, BST North America

Web guiding systems seem like such a minor part of the manufacturing process. After all, they are made up of a controller, some sensors and a steering box with some rollers. Considering the importance it has on your manufacturing process, it’s not very costly. So why waste extra money on a web guide that has superior features and benefits when all it does is steer the substrate?

I think for most of you reading this, the answer is simple: Web guiding is an integral piece of equipment to ensure the quality and success of the product you are producing. A cheap web guide could cost you dearly.

To outline all the products that guiding equipment is responsible in helping produce would take far to long for this article. But in short, guiding equipment assures the quality of the finished product is everything from what PFFC represents to new energy Lithium-Ion battery production.

Today, we see guiding equipment helping produce a wide variety of products more complex and faster than ever. Frankly, we see this trend increasing exponentially over the next few years and BST’s R&D department is working to meet the demands of today and exceed the demands of tomorrow.

BST produces a wide range of products from our factory in Germany and our AccuWeb products at our factory in Madison, Wisconsin. When you combine our expertise in web guiding with our expertise in inspection, such as surface inspection, BST can offer a complete quality control for any manufacturing system.

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