Martin Automatic to Show Products at Labelexpo Europe


ROCKFORD, IL | Martin Automatic will participate at Labelexpo Europe 2013, September 24–27 in Brussels, Belgium. The company will showcase the newest versions of two of its machines for label and narrow web production, with running demonstrations of the MBS splicer and the LRD rewinder.

The latest version of the MBS butt splicer comes with additional standard features, including ultrasonic sidelay sensors and spiral grooved rollers, for unwinding and splicing many clear film structures, in addition to paper, p-s label stock, paperboard, tube laminates, filter media, and more. The frame and control enclosure have been optimized to enable the MBS to fit more easily in limited floor spaces, company says. Unit now features a touchscreen operator panel for easier operation with expanded diagnostics.

The newest LRD transfer rewinder accommodates 800-mm-dia rolls in the standard model, with larger diameter models available. In addition to high visibility, expanded diagnostics, and easier operation, the new touchscreen control of the LRD includes recipe functions said to allow operators to store and recall the winding parameters of repeat jobs quickly and easily. Reportedly, the LRD offloads finished rolls automatically via one of several standard doffing ramp designs for full-width, multiple-ribbon, or loosely-wound rolls, without the need of a cart or other device.

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