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BOBST Adds Foil-Saving Module to Unwinder

ROSELAND, NJ | BOBST introduced the MASTERFOIL 106 PR hot foil stamping press with foil unwinder+ module at drupa 2016. Company says the combination of this foil-saving module with the speed and accuracy of the press makes this version of the MASTERFOIL 106 PR the most accurate, productive, yet economic hot foil stamping press available to carton, label, and commercial print producers.

Jacques Reymond, head of product marketing for BOBST’s Business Unit Sheet-fed, says, “For over five years the MASTERFOIL 106 PR has been the reference in the industry for hot foil stamping, because of its productivity and because of its Power Register system, which ensures perfect foil-to-print register accuracy. It has also been a reference for its ability to minimize foil wastage, and our R&D engineers recently found a way to further reduce foil consumption by as much as 50 percent depending on the job, as well as to reduce stops and increase productivity.”

Intelligent processes are said to ensure accurate foil advance, with the least possible stress on the web. By constantly self-adjusting during production, the unit allows the press to run with a gap as small as 2 mm between impressions on the foil, regardless of running speed, roll size, or roll width.

The new unit is said to build on the precise register and hot foil stamping quality of its host MASTERFOIL 106 PR. The patented BOBST Autoplaten press design of the press reportedly delivers smooth sheet deceleration and acceleration, which means the sheet is flatter when stamped, while the matched rigidity of the design ensures less patch-up, quicker set-ups, and better finished product quality. The Foil Touch feature gives the sheet 40% more time in contact with the foil and the foiling dies, meaning less heat is needed, so results are improved and energy costs lowered; jobs needing foiling and deep embossing can be processed in one pass; on jobs with large areas of foiling gassing is avoided; and the sharpest details are retained on fine and delicate stamping, company adds.

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