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North America Packaging Companies Have Full Access to Model of Innovation, Learning, Service: Comexi's Technological Center

The will to be close to clients pushed Comexi to open its first office in the United States, 35 years ago. The service the company has offered clients since June 1988, has positioned it as a leader and reference in the North American market. Now, Comexi seeks to reaffirm its commitment to quality and proximity with the opening of the new Technology Center (CTec) in Miami, scheduled for this fall.

CTec is a unique concept. A hub where innovation, knowledge and cooperation come together. As in CTec Girona, the state-of-the-art facilities of CTec Miami will offer customers the opportunity to test Comexi's technology in an exclusive way.

Numerous interactive seminars and specialized training in flexography, lamination, slitting, equipment maintenance, color management and prepress processes will also be held there.

CTec Miami comes to complement Comexi's existing facilities and services in the city, which featured an expanded and centralized warehouse, housing a comprehensive inventory of spare parts to ensure efficient and timely distribution across the United States and Canada. Comexi North America boasts a dedicated team of full-time technicians who provide seamless support to customers across North America, while a team of specialists offers 24/7 technical assistance.

However, Comexi's US journey did not begin in Miami. In these 35 years, the facilities have moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Charlotte, North Carolina, before settling where they are now. "By immersing ourselves in the American market, we have gained invaluable insights and developed a deep understanding of our customers' needs, enabling us to offer tailored solutions and localized services," affirmed Justin Green, Head of Comexi's North American office.

Always working with the focus on the customer, for Comexi all resources are few when it comes to ensuring that users get the most out of their machines and stay at the forefront of the industry. This is the main objective of CTec Miami, which, starting this fall, will begin offering training sessions and seminars focused on all the technologies that the company currently offers.

Spanning over 3,000 square feet, the Miami Technology Center will serve as a versatile hub for training, research, and industrial demonstrations, solidifying its position as the premier destination for flexible packaging solutions and knowledge in the North American market.

By offering a wide range of classroom and online trainings, and even customized inhouse courses, Comexi's determination to transmit expertise in an effective way becomes evident. CTec Miami, however, will not only be a training center. In it, invaluable customer support services such as industrial testing, research and development, and innovation will also be provided. "With the introduction of CTec Miami, Comexi is poised to deliver even more effective solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our American customers," highlighted Albert López, Head of Comexi CTec.

As Comexi celebrates 35 years of success in the North American market, the forthcoming CTec Miami facility reaffirms its dedication to proximity, innovation, and customized solutions. By empowering customers with knowledge, advanced training, and cutting-edge technology, Comexi solidifies its position as the trusted partner for flexible packaging solutions in North America.

Learn more at www.comexi.com.

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