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ROTOMAC Awarded for Commitment to Sustainability

Photo courtesy of IMS TECHNOLOGIES

ROTOMAC – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES, global leader in the production of rewinding, packaging and accessory machinery for food wrapping, has been recognized in two prestigious sustainability competitions thanks to its innovative coreless roll of aluminum foil: the Sustainability Awards and the Sustainable Packaging News Awards.

ROTOMAC’s commitment to a more sustainable future started with a simple, yet meaningful concept: LESS IS MORE. Such concept has then resulted in the revolutionary coreless roll produced thanks to the advanced technology integrated into the ICEBREAKER machine model 167, also known as CORELESS machine, which has redefined industry standards.

As a matter of fact, ROTOMAC’s coreless roll of aluminum foil comes with plenty of sustainable benefits, including:

  • LESS PAPER USE: paper use is reduced by at least 73%, in case a simple paper sheet is put at the heart of the roll instead of the traditional cardboard core. Paper sheet can also be avoided, depending upon the size of the roll, thus enabling a 100% reduction of paper consumption.
  • LESS LOGISTICS AND STOCK COSTS: the absence of core unlocks substantial warehouse space savings for companies, thus ensuring a sharp reduction of 87.5% in stock and logistics costs.
  • LESS CO2 EMISSIONS: as logistics costs are cut down, Co2 emissions are lowered too. For the same number of rolls produced, the number of trucks needed to deliver paper sheets is 1/8 the number of trucks that would be necessary to transport traditional cores, showcasing a clear commitment to the environmental cause.
  • NO DUST is generated during the production process.
  • NO ADHESIVE MATERIAL is needed to glue aluminum and paper sheet together.

Moreover, besides its countless environmental benefits, the coreless roll shines with unmatched quality, as demonstrated by its smoother and more uniform both external and internal surfaces.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, in 2023, ROTOMAC and its coreless roll took part in two important competitions, namely, the Sustainable Packaging News Awards and the Sustainability Awards, achieving outstanding results in both.

The Sustainable Packaging News Awards - whose name comes from the founder Sustainable Packaging News industry magazine - highlights every year the most revolutionary and innovative sustainable solutions in the packaging market and is judged by a world-class jury of industry experts.

ROTOMAC’s entry for this competition was included in the Resource Efficiency category and won the first place, adding a further seal of approval to our mission to lead the industry towards sustainable, cutting-edge packaging solutions.

Besides, ROTOMAC was also shortlisted as a finalist in the Sustainability Awards 2023, within the Pre-Commercialized Climate category.

The Sustainability Awards – organized by Packaging Europe - annually recognize noteworthy innovations and initiatives in the packaging value chain and promote the adoption of cutting[1]edge technologies and the best practices for sustainability. This esteemed competition is judged by 54 industry experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

The awarding ceremony – which took place in Amsterdam November 14, 2023 – was an opportunity to know other relevant projects within the sector.

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